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6 January
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the history behind my name is from a group of friends of mine. The day that i deccided to get an Lj, all of my friends and I were at my place and we were trying to think of a name for me to use. So I was board and started to hang on and pick with one of my friends, and jokingly he stated eww stop molesting me. So we all stopped and said Ahh Str8guymolester. And to answer your question I am a gay young adult, Male. And there is never a time that anyone would have to worry about me with there children. On of my best friends 4 y/o calls me Aunt Johnny, LOL. And lastly I dont beleave that have some cheerfull non hurting fun is everbad, only when it is not accepted by the other person, And I for the most part try not to bother those get offened by me. In regards to the molesting part, it is meant not in a sexual way but in a physical, contact that happens with out cause, It is just a part of my personality, might to some be a flaw but to my group of friends its as normal as shacking someones hand, and its as harmless as shaking someones hand.

Marriage is love.