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Mar. 18th, 2007 10:30 am a post for laugh or death

a conversation with a friends freind of the heart

sup ***** its johnny ****'s friend from bama
howdy howdy
sup man

not much sorry i missed you last time you visited. teachers blasted me with test and i kinda ended up not sleeping right and getting sick
damn that sucks
ya im kinda really far from tx now
up in pittsburgh PA
well next time yoru in town definatly going to have to hang with you.
why is that?
umm cause your ****'s friend thus my friend in a way so i would like to get to know you
you might run away screaming, ask brent about it
lol naws. i'm nothing like brent i'm more sane
brents not SANE????? WHAT THE FUCK, LOL
I knows i mean! seriously he's like the appitomy of saness
but yea seriously yoru one of *****'s friends so i do believe i would like to know you.
understand i tired to keep her sane as one could while i was home
smores around the fire with amaretto sours, alwasys does the trick
sitting on sleeping bags, telling ghost stories
nope had stumps to sit on
were teh stumps there already or did you go Cutting down trees
i got some pecan stumps from a falln orchard, along with a bunch of fire wood and used them
thats cool
so where did you go camping at?
no have a pitt in back yard for solstices adn quaters
cross quarters
building a wood log pille in a circle around the pit to make it look better
ah. well then that kills half of the lovely question si was linning up about camping

lol damn it! you and brent both always make me express things i swear.
things u swear?
lol like i dunno normaly i try to keep bottled up not relaly good at expressing feelings of love.. especialy after getting dumped, over WArcraft, a bottle of water, and so on
but its like the same thing you both give mea heard time and before i relize it i got a tastey shoe in my mouth
mmm shoe
how did i give u a hard time, and what kind of hard time did i give you, could i help with that hard time, LOL
down boy! i don't think ***** would like me talking about Hard times you give me
well i test drvie you and make sure your safe for her, lol

lol i can pretty much garuntee you that i will keep her safe.
i was woundering how you were goin to answer that one, lol
shes told me about all her **'s and honestly i think they are complete ***** for treating *** the way they have.. i mean honestly i don't know why any one would **** some one so wonderful like that.
so how does lather taste, its better with ketchup
hmm i dunno i usualy just add alittle salt, maybe some lemon on my lather and it taste pretty good.
not going any futher with that one, i can go so far you would run away
dear sir
i use to dry hump my friends
leap on them while they were sleeping and to wake them up act like i was rabbit fucking them
i have no limits
damn so did i , i mean i still do
well ok i have limits i may not go fully threw the act BUT! i am quiet friendly
wait that soudns bad too.
*Sigh* shovel please.
i would just grap them hump them and try to j/o them off wille doing it, ya brent got pissed at me allot
i don't try with brent some times i think he'll like it
then beat me for doing it. and beating me in teh non good way
brent was behind me one day on the stairs and i went to grap his leg and missed his leg and got a handfull of something and his face was pricless as i ran off for my life
omg i wish i was there to see that
ya it was funny and i didnt let him live that down for sometime
i've taken him to a stripp club got him a lap dance by a very attractive girl. and he looked so pissed and un happy while he was getting it.
i mainly hump my girl friends, all my guy friends freak out about it
awws well i won't freak out.
as long as your pirate stayis in yoru pants its all good.
sounds like brent, wished i could see that,
but can your pirate be out,
i don't need to be boarded, unless you want ***** after you.
it two hand fulls right
lol Perhaps if you gussy up a bit for me.
umm aslong as she dosnt know, lol
damn she is going to killl me fo rthat one
hmm really i think if my mouth is full i don't think i'll be able to tell her any thing
full of what, huh
i would ask exactly what she has told you but umm. yea. kinda scared now.
i don't know dear sir. i mean.. if its just you and me. and *** isn't around.
nothing just going off some of her expressins
humm so are you pulling my chain or offering me something for latter
lol! thats for me to know and for you to umm wonder about
umm nice
so are my guessings right about you
what guesses?
two hand fulls
i'll let you ask **** she has pictures
lol don't ask she was at ***** and figured i would umm.. suprise her
ok new subject
hmm more like *, thicker then normal
so what do u think of the iphone
*.5-* if i would say so my self. short spanish gene kicks in.
umm nice, nice to reach around while im boarding your ship, lol
you can board it any way you like
oh ya
so what your BI
like they say.. all hands on dick
or is that deck
lol naw. i just like to have fun.
ok that sounded bad
but i knwo a good person who can take jokes and joke back
so let have some fun, lol
ya that is tue

oooh All aboard who wants to Cum aboard then
just wait till i meet u you will run, ther is a reason my lj name is str8guymolester
cant wait to post this chat on lj, **** will kill me
lol probably so
it will be funny as hell
highly recommend you cut out the me saying **************************************
will edit some of it but not all of it
lol cools
i wil take it out of context to joke around
lol thats perfectly fine with me
hey as long as i know that my heart belongs to ***** and iknow that i love ** with all of it and as much as i do. i honestly don't care what happens. just as long as shes happy and i can keep her that way
just be gental its my first time
for me boarding u or with her
why not both.
i can be with her while yoru boarding me
damn i like it ruff
nnice threesome
not sure if she will be up for that, but i will ask

edited for safty = *******

This was bearlly edited to keep the joke going, not everyone is going to understadn only about three or so people will... the girl that this is about PLEASE DONT KILL ME!!!!!!

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Mar. 5th, 2007 01:20 am PLEASE DO THIS..

1. Your Middle Name:

2. Age:

3. Single or Taken:

4. Favorite CURRENT movie/TV show:

5. Favorite CURRENT Song:

6. Favorite Bands/Artists:

7. Dirty or Clean:

8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:

9. Do we know each other outside of LJ?

10. Whats your philosophy on life?

11. Would you have my back in a fight?

12. Would you keep a secret from me if you thought it was in my best interest?

13. What is your favorite memory of us?

14. Would you give me a kidney?

15. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:

16. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?

17. Can we get together and make a cake?

18. Have you heard any rumors of me lately?

19. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?

20. Do you think I'm a good person?

21. Would you drive across country with me?

22. Do you think I'm attractive?

23. If you could change anything about me, would you?

24. What do you wear to sleep?

25. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?

26. Would you go on a date with me if I asked you?

27. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together?

28. Will you repost this so I can fill it out for you?

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Feb. 13th, 2007 08:16 am Warm weather oh were did you go?

Since my last post, I have traveled somewhere near 1,500 miles since friday. I left waco Texas around 10am and drove up to Nashville, and then left there the next morning and continued to Columbus, Ohio. In Columbus, I meet up with Darel, who gave me my equipment, and was going to train me the rest of the week. Since then We are now in Lansing, Michagen. AND ITS FUCKING COLD UP HERE. There is snow everywhere, Ice everywhere, it SUCKS. well it sucks to have to work in it anyways, lol. So Darel is thinking of leaving me today and then i will be on my own, Im ready for that but im not, but we will see. untill next time.

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Feb. 6th, 2007 10:18 am Im not dead but im just here....lol

Hay everyone, long time no talk to most of you all, it has been a very long time since i have had a chance to post on LJ, but i think thats going to change. Since my last post I moved back to my home town in Alabama, and like a dumbass decided to bye a place to live, ya i know in ALALABAMa, what there? Well I guess the only goo thing for most of you that I live there now. I was working the night shift at the local walmart, and hated every day of it, and the money sucked. So like i always do, I looked for a better job. So yet again I found a photography job that allowed me to travel. Yes, I have always wanted a job that paid me a paycheck worth haveing and also pay my traveling expenses. SO i think I found that, and hay its takeing photos of frat guys, what could be better, lol. No it not what you think, their not nude, but that would be nice, I take formal photos for them to have framed and placed on the wall in the frat houses. So lets see where I am now, I left saturday from south alabama coming to TX, lets just say a long ass drive. I started out in Arlington and now i think im going to be in dallas for the rest of the week, and then off to somewhere else. See im going to be traveling for four mths straight on the road and only know from week to week where im going to be next. so dont be alarmed if i call you up looking for a place to stay, since i know people all over this country it should be easy to stay at a friends house at least once on this trip, so after the 4 mths i go home for 3mths and go back out for 4 more months. All in all when i start getting a true pay check, it will be around $1,200 a week. so i guess thats not to bad to live on the road for, lol.

untilll next post


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Aug. 7th, 2006 06:35 pm another day

bored working on print projects that make me no money, need new job so i can buy nothing. walking around and looking at nothing, for what is there to look at in this town. a town so far is tradition that it makes Gaia look like a baby. a town with nothing but a fake theater, that updates its movie posters with new releases. the only thing to do here is to go to walmart, and since i work there, why do i want to keep going there when im off of work. but this town in some way has called me back, back from my home away from here one with a castle of a pretentuse slut and a beast in love with a whore, while a 12 year old girl lives with seven old short men, over looking a lake of cultures from all over the world, with crazy lands of tomarrow, and canada. but before my trip to the soulless wounders of yinsid. a city called me stronger, a city of lights, freaks, and smog. where public transpertation wisps you away in urine soaked transits. an area were five points is underground, and seven stations west you find five smaller points where we call home. a zone of social outcast, and area where all can call home, from emos to elmos, all is welcome in this area far from hate, or is it, a place were one would be lost at night in a perpetual pool of blood, and all becouse of your hot topic shoe laces. back to the heart on a square called backstreet near a park that smokes enough to cause the next famine, from wonderbread. were my guild of silver hilides blend together to show the world as i see it. a world that is mine and for me to interpet. as for this town in which i have been called back to by family of differnt taste. i have aquired a home for me to escape from the bowels of misused fortune. a light showers apon me from another of my kind, one who is futher adapt to things of life that have long passed me by, but still calls in the dark of the night for me to return to the light of the moon. for now marry meet and marry part, for may we marry meet again. blessed be to all for this is our day, and we have many to wake up and walk around in looking at nothing and talking to those who seek a way back to a time we once knew.

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Apr. 26th, 2005 10:39 pm As one of my friends said life goes on, so should I

So life for me has been a bunch of ups and downs for last few weeks. I got a camper that i am going to move down to orlando next month to live in. I thought that with payment and lot rent being the same as i pay now, why waste that money for something that i want own and i will be able to live on my own for the same price. So last week i had this interview with a studio, its kinda like the one i worked at during school. the job was ok, but i really wasnt happy with it. And the bending down was putting a strian on my knee, which didnt help me in liking the job to much. So i went to the interview and was enjoying the new things that they offered from what i was used to. I was allso told that if i got the job i would have to travel to NC for two weeks for training, which would be paid along with travel expenses. But if i took the job i would have to leave my internship early, which would put me in breaking a contract with Disney. And in doing so i would be put on a negative rehire status to never be able to work with Disney or any of the other companies under the main company. Which didnt sound to good for the long run if i decieded to go back and work for disney in the future. But if i took the job, that is if i got it, I would be making more than i am now with insurance. Which both I need really bad at the moment. So while waiting for word back from the interview, I decied to meditate and ask the Goddess that my hearts desire be made full in my journey through life, that the job that would make me happy and be good for me, be the one that I would get.

So when i got home tonight from work, I checked my email and i had a response from the interview. They told me that my acomplishments where very imprssive and noteworthy, but as there postion stated at this time would not be well suited for me. So I guess my heart made the choice for me, i was worried that if i got the job what would happen. Since the last one i didnt like to much. and working for disney has been one of the best things that has ever happened for me, i just wished i had more money and health insurance. So I am kinda glad that I didnt get the job, but if i had gotten it, it would have been a big help for me right now.

So As one of my friends said life goes on, so now I am going on with what my heart has chossen for me.

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Jan. 19th, 2005 10:27 am Oh what to do about bullshit...

hi everyone, sorry it has a been a few days since last post but recent events have had me going all over. So far this week I have started to work in EPCOT, and all has been fun, and dealing with computers that dont run right in training. The job is fun and not as overwellming as i had thought. So as of now work is great, but the homelife has not been so fun.

Home Life:
When i got down here I moved in an apartment with three other guys: John (straight, from the bible belt, frat boy attitude), Johnathon (from south america, speaks decent english), and Matt (gay guy that dosnt want anyone in the apratment to know he is gay, dosnt like queens but is one himself). So these are my roommates, FUN, huh? When we all got here Matt had one of his friends and the ground work was put in that it was ok to have guest over (later to find out this is with the consent of the whole house, and matts friend was straight). So when i came in i didnt let anyone know I was gay untill i had gotten to know them better and they got to know me. So I slowly told two of my roomates, and left john out, since i had to share a room with him I thought that more time should go in before he found out (i did this so i wouldnt run into the sterotype issues of "are you going to fuck me" type thing). So the other night A few of my friends and I went out along with my roomate Matt. While we where out, i meet a person that was also a disney intern and told him i could take him home. As the night went on, i was talking to other people and lost track of time. I missed answering my phone and later found out the other had left (which was ok since i also drive), Steve, one of my friends that went with me that night, called me and asked if i was going to leave and to please bring him his jacket before he went to sleep that night. So me and the guy i meet loaded up and went back to the complex that i live in, to drop steve his jacket. Since my complx is very far from the the other intern place i decide to extend for the guy to stay at my apartment ( since i thought it was ok for guest to be over). I thought that if he slept on the couch then someone would freak out that he was there and not know who he was. SO i alowed him to sleep in my bed with me (mind you sleep not have sex). So when we went to bed we layed there wispering very softly and kissed twice. My roomate, John, started to toss and turn constently, and then decided to go to the bathroom to shave and brush his teeth for 30mins. When he got out he went to his bed and took his covers and went to the living room to sleep. So i decide to do damage control and try to fix what made him mad. When i talked to him, he was very to the point, "I will talk to you about it tomorrow". So i went back to sleep. That morning John's alarm went off and was beeping for 5 mins. i got tired of it and shut it off. Well since John went to sleep in the living room and set him phone as his alarm in there, he didnt hear it and was an hour late for work (is that my falt that he was late?). so later that morning when i woke up i decide to call the number we where givin in case we needed help with roommates. I called not to report the issue but to ask for help on how to deal with the issue. So after I callled. my other roomate, matt, told me that if there are problems with interns in the living enviroments then the way the handle that issue is to fire both of the interns. So they offer us a help line and if we use it then we get fired, thats kinda fucked up? So I went to drop the other guy off, the one i brought home. and then came back to get ready for work.

When i got home from work, John and I talked. I told my part of the story and the reasons behind not telling him i was gay.
In turn John explained to me that i DISRESPECTED him by not telling him i was gay and telling everyone else (well sorry i had never hung out with you and didnt know you well enough to tell you). He then told me that i was mistaken about the agreement of the house on guest (we are to set up a time to talk and get permission from all memebers of the apartment before bringing anyone in). Also I wronged him by bringing someone into my bed while he was asleep and in the sameroom ( i could understand that one if I was having sex with the other person). Also his tossing and turning and go to the bathroom was hints to stop what ever the fuck i was doing and get the guy out of my BED and the room. Also he told me that he knew of me calling the number for advice ( matt the gay guy that i am keeping his secret from the rest of the roommates, told him while i was gone). The he goes on to tell me if i want to take it that far then go ahead, for the lady that is over that would take his side and i would be fired (since they have this personall relationship thing going on) ( what the fuck now im threatened, if i go for help with an issue i will be fired becouse the issue is with him). Also he blames me for making him late for work, also for making his ride late for work, and also makeing the both of them looks like idiots in front of their bosses (how is this my falt?). So when the talk was over he told me lets go back to normal and be the same as we were before ( i gues him not knowing im gay) and to never cross that path ever again or else. So now im working for the biggest gay friendly work place in america and being forced back into the closet by my roommates, that i have to stay with becouse if i ask to move then I might get fired from my job.

so that is what has been going on, GOTTA LOVE BULLSHIT.
oh ya and have a MAGICAL DAY!

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Jan. 6th, 2005 11:43 pm Its my birtday oh ya ya, and i moved to ORlando

Howdy everyone, well today i turned 22 and its wasnt another day. I moved in to the aptartment complex that Disney got us, and they are fucking nice. Well i live with three other guys, one is gay but not really all that out, one is a frat guy that is str8, and one from central America that is fucking huge. so after i moved in we went to the meeting that was manditory . then me and some of my new friends went out to eat. so i got soung happy birthday and all that good stuff, and i llost my cherry to a girl, the one on the sunday. well untill next time i will talk to you all later and hope that everyone is doing good. and i miss you all.

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Jan. 2nd, 2005 07:23 pm Its all coming to the beging

Well i have been staying in south Alabama with family during the holidays. The time has been well desived. but it is coming the time to go to orlando, and now that my car is running right ( the fan went out). I am all packed to head south. I will be leaving Alabama on tuseday morning and will be arriveing in central florida that night. I hope that i will get access there soon and will be able to post more. to those in Atlanta, I miss you all and hope to see you all soon.


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Dec. 20th, 2004 12:43 pm Long good byes, but not the end.

To all those who know, love, and look up to my for whatever reason.

To all my friends and love ones, the time has come for me to go on my path through life, to take what i have studied and use it for the better. Since Graduation (Dec 17), the news of my moving came sooner than expected. As of this thursday, I will no longer be living in Atlanta. I will be moving to the sunny state of Florida to start my new job with Disney. A happy but still sad time for me,for I will be leaving those who i have come to know and love but never hate, still here in Atlanta, and still at AIA. The future has brought me a wounderfull thing and I hope the same for all of you, I know that ALL my friends have great skills in what they are learning and will make their life happy and bright. I know this sounds like a good bye, in some way it is but do not be sad your Johnny will allways be around, for those with my number dont not worry it will not change. So anytime you want to talk just give me a call. My site will still be up but i will not know how offtin it will get updated. With much sadness as this brings me I will not forget any of you, and will always love to hear from you all and hopefuly see you come down to visit me. I get really good discounts for people down there so just let me know. I love you all and will miss you all very much.


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